This chair goes wherever you go.                                            Noonee                                        

Swiss company Noonee has declared a "chairolution." Think of it as an industrial-and-factory-focused counterpart to the standing-desk craze that is so popular with office workers. The foundation of the movement is the Chairless Chair, which Noonee describes as "a powered, lightweight and energy efficient lower limb (legs) posture support device."

The Chairless Chair is like a exoskeleton that runs from your butt down to your heels. You can walk around normally while wearing it and then activate it when needed to support your body weight, creating an instant chair. While this may sound convenient for everyday use, when you're running around at a music festival, or when you get tired at your standing desk, it's really geared for factory workers who are on their feet a lot.

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The Chairless Chair looks a bit like the legs of a skinless "Terminator" robot. Straps hold it to your thighs and a belt goes around your waist. The weight goes down into where it connects at the heels. Aluminum and carbon fiber construction keeps it lightweight. The device runs on a 6-volt battery.

Noonee hopes the high-tech chair will help workers improve their posture, reduce fatigue, and function in a healthier, more productive manner while on the job. The company has its eyes on eventually expanding the Chairless Chair into rehabilitation and physiotherapy markets as well. The exo-chair is scheduled to start trials in production lines for BMW and Audi before the end of the year